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13th-Aug-2021 06:08 pm - [sticky post] friends only!
Super Junior: Yesung

This journal is friends-locked!
Comment to be added. ♥ (I don't bite!)

A bit about me:
Hello, I'm Laura. I'm a bit of a boring girl who talks too much and likes too many things at the same time.
I change interests like the weather. I will talk about anything and everything.
10th-Aug-2015 09:27 pm - Watching list.
Super Junior: Yesung
This is the list of all the shows that I will be, should be, might be and could be watching right now or in the future.

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This post will be updated a lot. :)
Updated 9/11/13
10th-Nov-2012 10:45 pm - Christmas Wishlist 2012
Super Junior: Yesung
Getting my wishlist together! Yes I know it's still Thanskgiving season and blah blah but this is more for my family who, um, HAVE to get me a present for our family exchange gift tradition thing. But feel free to take a peek :)

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